The Best Credit Repair Agency is your Lawyer.

Credit Repair is a Legal Issue.

Laws were put in place to protect consumers and ensure they’re treated fairly.

Here are a few for you to know about. Your KC Legal Shield Attorney will use these to assist you to the fullest extent.

  • Fair Credit Reporting Act: This act grants you the right to access your credit reports, challenge inaccuracies, and many other things involved in credit repair.
  • Fair Credit Billing Act: This act protects you from unfair credit billing and allows you to dispute inaccurate charges with credit card issuers.
  • Fair Debt Collection Practices Act: This act limits how often debt collectors can contact debtors, protects you from harassment, and grants several other rights to protect you from debt collectors.
  • Credit Repair Organizations Act: This act protects you from unfair or deceptive advertising from credit repair organizations and holds these groups to a set of requirements they must follow.


What can my lawyer do?

You can just send your KC Legal Shield attorney a copy of your credit report.

Here are a few things your lawyer will do to repair and boost your credit.

  • Work with the credit bureaus to remove errors from your credit report
  • Work with the credit bureaus to remove negative items from your report sooner than they might fall off naturally
  • Possibly settle with debt collection companies for a fraction of your original debt or a workable payment plan of some type
  • Representing you in court cases if creditors take legal action against you

They’ll usually start by reviewing your credit reports and history to find any errors or misreported information. Then, a credit lawyer will gather the appropriate documentation and contact the relevant entities to verify, challenge, and either correct or remove any misreported information.


Your lawyer then looks for ways to improve your score. This can include negotiating with credit reporting agencies. These negotiations can also pave the way for errors and other negative items to be taken off, so if you’ve had late payments in the past, a foreclosure or a car repossession, there may be ways for the credit lawyer to have these removed.

In addition, your lawyer can also negotiate what is known as settlement amounts with the creditors. So if you owe a large amount, your credit lawyer may be able to get it significantly reduced. Lastly, your lawyer can represent you in a court of law if a credit bureau decides to file a suit against you.

Repairing your credit requires getting errors and negative items removed from your credit file. Those negative items can include missed a history of missed payments, debt collections, repossessions, tax liens and judgments. Sometimes, it’s possible to take care of bad debts or credit problems on your own. In other cases, the issues are larger or creditors or the bureaus uncooperative, and it’s necessary to have help.


What are your credit repair goals?

Your KC Legal Shield Lawyers can complete the process in potentially less time and with fewer mistakes than if you were to try to fix it yourself. Their knowledge in credit-related laws and experience dealing with credit bureaus, debt collectors, and other entities are all great qualities to have in your corner. And much cheaper, more efficient, and legit than these credit repair guys… “agencies”.

Other steps your lawyer takes depend on your situation. The credit bureaus may remove the error if they believe the evidence provided is sufficient, or you may need to engage a few more times with the bureaus to make your case.

There are many steps you can take and your LegalShield provider law firm is ready to help.
Your provider law firm with KC LegalShield can help dispute inaccurate information on your credit report.
They may also help you negotiate payment or settlement agreements for outstanding debts.


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