We’ll review an unlimited number of documents, up to 15 pages each. One of our most popular services.

Why review your documents

The best time to receive legal advice is before any contract is signed. Any new legal document has the potential to substantially impact your finances, time, and responsibilities if you don’t conduct a proper contract review. It is important that the terms of the contract are fairly negotiated, properly drafted, and reviewed to ensure the contract meets the intentions of the parties. Today, contracts are so complex that contract review lawyers are routinely hired in order to decipher the meaning of such agreements. Whether you’re a business that deals with contracts on a daily basis or an employee handed a confidentiality agreement, it is important that the agreements you enter into fully protect your interests and goals.


The benefits

Assure fair, enforceable terms

It would be unfortunate to enter into a contract only later to learn that it’s invalid. Speaking to a contract review attorney and getting legal document review services at LawTrades can avoid this.

Greater understanding of contract

Top-notch contract review lawyers can explain complex terms in simple ways for clients.

It’ll help with negotiating

If you haven’t signed the contract then you still have the chance to negotiate the terms in the contracts. A contract review lawyer may suggest you to push back on some unattractive terms, and advice on the best way of doing so.


Legal/ID Shield Individual Package

• Unlimited Consultation

• Speeding Ticket Assistance

• Demand Letters & Calls

• 24/7 Emergency Assistance

• Unlimited Contract Review

• Will & Power of Attorney

• Uncontested Adoption

• Uncontested Divorce

• Uncontested Name Change

• IRS Audit Services

• Residential Loan Documents

• Collections, Warranties

• And more!

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Legal/ID Shield Family Package

Coverage for the entire family including all domestic partners and dependants.

$50 /month

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Custom Add-ons

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