Have a disagreement with a collection agency, creditor or a company’s warranty policy?  Let your experienced attorney send a letter or make a call, we’ve got your back.

  • Stop harassing creditors
  • Help clean-up credit


If a creditor sues you, whether you should hire a lawyer to defend against the lawsuit depends in large part on whether the creditor can prove its case against you, how much it will cost you to defend the lawsuit, and whether the creditor can collect from you.

Even if you don’t end up hiring a lawyer, an experienced debt settlement attorney can help you evaluate the creditor’s case and your personal circumstances to determine the best course for you.

Legal/ID Shield Individual Package

• Unlimited Consultation

• Speeding Ticket Assistance

• Demand Letters & Calls

• 24/7 Emergency Assistance

• Unlimited Contract Review

• Will & Power of Attorney

• Uncontested Adoption

• Uncontested Divorce

• Uncontested Name Change

• IRS Audit Services

• Residential Loan Documents

• Collections, Warranties

• And more!

$35 /month

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Legal/ID Shield Family Package

Coverage for the entire family including all domestic partners and dependants.

$50 /month

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Custom Add-ons

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Gun Owners

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Home Business

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Trial Defense

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